The Baron Hirsch Jewish Farmers Community


This blog is designed to tell the stories of the Jewish farmers that Baron Maurice de Hirsch supported in North and South America and the follow on stories of their descendants worldwide. 

The blog proposes to unite many of today’s beneficiaries of the Baron’s generosity, We believe that cooperation and sharing among us could result in many inspiring and amazing ideas and projects.

We hope you will send send us your stories and permission to publish them through the reply form below.  And if you have a particular question about this immigration phenomena, let us know.  We will research the answer and write a post.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Baron Maurice de Hirsch, the builder of the Vienna-Constantinople Railroad, and his friends, sponsored the settlement of Eastern European Jews in many lands, but primarily in North and South America. This blog presents written works and visuals depicting the original immigrants but also relating the achievements of the descendants of these immigrants. And there are many achievements.  Our forebears were courageous and ingenious people as are their grand and great grand children. 


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Also, check out this short summary of Baron Hirsch’s work with Jewish farmers.

And for the whole story read the official history of the Jewish Colonization Agency, An Outstretched Arm.

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