1909 Jewish Farmers Fair


1909 Exhibition of Jewish Farmers of America, Library of Congress photo

This post includes photos and references on the October 1909 Jewish Federation of Farmers conference and fair in New York City. It was held at the Educational Alliance at the corner of East Broadway and Jefferson.  The most popul.ar of the 225 exhibits was presented by the  Baron Hirsch Agricultural College in Woodbine, New Jersey.  Over 50,000 people visited the exhibit. Speakers included the Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, the honorable W.M. Hays. 

Here is the cover of the Convention brochure from the Jewish Womens’ Archives

brochure cover jewish_farmers_of_america_agricultural_fair

And another photo can be seen at this link:



 “The agricultural activities of the Jews in America”  by Leonard George Robinson , originally published in 1912, available from Amazon.com for $9.99

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