Mennonites, Polish Kings, Russian Czars & Jewish Magnates

How Did Their Efforts Result in Jewish Farming Communities in both North and South America?

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Booking Merrie Blocker will provide your group with a fascinating event linking the history of the Jews of Southern Brazil to North American Jewish immigrants. Discover why they all crossed the Atlantic, why Polish Kings, Russian Czars, and wealthy Western European Jews all saw farming communities as the solution to the “Jewish Question,” and what happened to the thousands of Jews who joined these colonies in Canada, the United States and Southern Brazil.

Also, learn about Merrie’s new translation of On a Clear April Morning the first literary work to reflect the Brazilian Jewish community, which is finally available in English. This lyrical and riveting coming-of-age story, by Marcos Iolovitch, is set among early 20th Century Jewish settlers brought to an unknown farming experiment in an isolated corner of the southern hemisphere.

This autobiographical novel is filled with drama, joy, disaster, romance, and humor as the young hero travels from a farm, where the crops wouldn’t grow, to towns where this Yiddish-speaking youngster falls in love, studies philosophy with the Jesuits, and becomes an important member of Brazil’s literary world. Checkout the preface and first chapter here