Baron Hirsch, An Amazing New Biography

Mathias Lehmann, professor of Jewish History at the University of California, Irvine has just published The Baron: Maurice de Hirsch and the Jewish Nineteenth Century. a biography of Baron Hirsch that fills a major gap, the lack of biographies of the Baron in English. 1

And Lehmann also provides us an eyewitness view of so much of Baron Hirsch’s life, based on Lehmann’s extensive archival research in Austria, Belgium, England, France, Israel, Turkey, and the United States.

The Embankment, Ostend, Belgium 1890s , the resort to which Baron Hirsch was summoned by King Leopold II, Library of Congress.

Readers will enjoy this very readable and delightfully detailed text that describes human beings, not just historical figures. We are able to see the building of transcontinental railroads and the formation of huge refugee projects from the details of the daily activities that led to these achievements, as exemplified by the book’s first paragraph ” At seven o’clock one summer morning in August 1895, Maurice de Hirsch, accompanied by his twenty-nine-year-old son Lucien, set out from Boitsfort, on the outskirts of Brussels, to catch the express train to the Belgian seaside resort of Ostend. The reason for that morning’s journey was a summons by King Leopold II, who was eager to convince the prominent Jewish banker and businessman to invest in the construction of a new railroad in the Belgian Congo.” 2

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  2. Lehmann, Mathias (2022). The Baron: Maurice de Hirsch and the Jewish Nineteenth Century, Stanford: Stanford University Press, p. 19. []

Archivos genealógicos e históricos de Baron Hirsch

For searching family members in the United States and Canada note:

Online searching is available for Baron Hirsch related genealogical records available through the Center for Jewish History in New York. See this video for instructions. Some complete records are online, and when only a reference to a record is on online you can request the full document from the Center via email at

Baron Maurice de Hirsch

More Archives

In addition, the genealogical and historical archives described below (alphabetized by city) contain reports and correspondence relating to Baron Hirsch-funded Jewish farming projects and individual immigrants who received aid from the Baron Hirsch charitable organizations. These archives are scattered around the world. Some of the holdings have been uploaded digitally – see the links below – but most are only available on-site.

Para los textos en francés, español y portugués, sugiero copiar y pegar en el traductor de Google. Realmente funciona.

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Soy un oficial retirado del servicio exterior de los Estados Unidos. Puedes encontrar mi currículum aquí. Mi abuelo creció en una granja de pollos apoyada por Baron Hirsch en el noroeste de Connecticut, Estados Unidos. Pero solo aprendí eso recientemente cuando comencé a investigar El apoyo del barón Hirsch a los agricultores judíos. en todo el continente americano.

También traduje al inglés el primer trabajo en presentar a la comunidad judía en Brasil como tema. Es En una clara mañana de abril, Una novela autobiográfica de Marcos Iolovitch. En esta novela, él relata haber crecido como inmigrante ucraniano con la colonia agrícola Quatro Irmãos en el sur de Brasil. Quatro Irmãos fue una de las muchas colonias apoyadas por las donaciones del barón Hirsch.

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