En una clara mañana de abril


La primera obra literaria que refleja la comunidad judía brasileña finalmente se publicó en inglés. It is now disponible .

Learn about it below in this post, checkout the preface and first chapter aquí y reservar el traductor, Merrie Blocker, para hablar con tu grupo.

En una clara mañana de abrilby Marcos Iolovitch, is a lyrical and riveting coming- of-age story, set among early 20th Los colonos judíos del siglo llevaron a un experimento agrícola desconocido en un rincón aislado de Brasil.

This autobiographical novel is filled with drama, joy, disaster, romance, and humor. Iolovitch travels from a farm, where the crops wouldn’t grow, to towns where this Yiddish-speaking youngster falls in love, studies philosophy with the Jesuits, and becomes an important member of Brazil’s literary world.

This first English edition includes elucidating historical notes by the translator, Merrie Blocker, a retired U.S. Foreign Service officer, on the origin of Jewish farming communities in the U.S., Canada, and South America and the contributions of Jews and other immigrants to the development of an avant-garde intellectual center far off the beaten path.